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Wigs and Hair Extensions


Consultation: Choosing a wig is a very personal exercise. We strongly suggest a private consultation before purchasing a wig or hair extensions. The consultation consists of a private one on one meeting with Jennifer consist we also offer a full fitting service private one on one consulting with Jennifer, 30 yrs of experience specializing in wig cutting. Wigs come with 40 percent more hair than needed so the stylist can customize a haircut for the individual. The Consultation price is $85. This fee is waived if a wig is purchased through Piervana.




Choosing a Wig

What should women consider buying a wig look for?   Most high-quality wigs, such as those made by Revlon, are now made from synthetic fibers as opposed to real hair.  This makes the wig much lighter and more comfortable to wear whilst being easy to care for.  What’s more, the ‘hair’ is blended with up to eleven shades to create a completely natural appearance with a huge color palette to choose from so it’s possible to perfectly match your natural color - or experiment to your heart’s content.

Another key factor is the cap, which should offer a snug yet comfortable fit whilst looking just like a natural scalp.  Monofilament caps do just this, as each hair strand is individually sewn on to give natural movement and allow the hair to be put up into an ‘up-do’ without giving the game away. Some wigs also feature lace at the hairline which has ‘baby hairs’  to ensure that it looks realistic and makes the wig undetectable to the human eye.  This secure lace also means that the wig can be slept in – an important consideration for many women.

We have an extensive selection of styles and a huge color range so if you need some help selecting your ideal style please email or call any of our trained consultants to any advice you may need.  Whilst many women prefer to recreate their usual look, some use their wig purchase as an opportunity to give themselves the hair they’ve always wanted.   

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