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Hairstyles are as unique as the individual. Whether you are preparing for a special event, looking for a new style, or simply wanting to feel refreshed, Jennifer at PierVana will make you look and feel your best. This appointment includes a personalized consultation where Jennifer will share her professional recommendations. A custom shampoo and conditioning treatment followed by education on  blow-dry and style to complete the experience. For difficult hair and challenging cuts Jennifer may cut hair dry for artistic styling.



“ I have been going to Jennifer for twenty years. She and her team traveled to Waitsfield when I got married. They did incredible and beautiful work on me and my seven bridesmaids. Jennifer is a cutting edge colorist and I am so happy she is in Vermont, a.k.a. the land of bad hair.
Thank you Jennifer for so many years of knocking it out of the park for me and Jimmy."
Anastasia Kohl
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