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Meet the Artists.

With over 50 years of combined experience, passion, and continued love for our industry we are here to give you the finest hair/spa experience leaving feeling absolutely beautiful inside and out.​

Shanta Miller


​“Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.” As a child growing up I loved to play dress up, sneak into my mother’s vanity (where her makeup was stashed), and pretend that I was a princess waiting for my prince to come. The above quote in my younger years had meaning, but now being in my young adult years it has that much more of an impact on me. Through some of my talents such as organization, honesty, trust, and hard working to name a few… being the salon wedding and receptionist coordinator was a perfect fit. Taking my dreams as a princess and being able to see firsthand what a simple make-over can do is amazing.

Graduating from High School and taking classes at the community college, I wasn’t too sure what path to take. I love the beauty of photography. Capturing a moment in a single shot that can last forever, it’s priceless. This job lets me use my imagination, creativity & skills to help those make their childhood dreams come true.

I am grateful for this opportunity to be able to work with such amazing ladies, who love what they do. The creative, artsy, fashionable & community that they bring into our “salon home” couldn’t make me any happier. I’m thrilled to start this new journey and write a new chapter in my book as well as theirs.

Linda Good'HUE'

As an Award-Winning Goldwell ColorZoom Challenger  of 2009 & 2010, a Goldwell Inspirational Educator, and mother of 3,  Linda Good’HUE’, (formerly ‘Fleury’)  finds inspiration through nature’s amazing hues and textures, then using  those elements to bring  it to life with flair… on hair.

As an artist of many colors, Linda loves the challenge of creating a brand new look, both in hair style, hair color and specialty make-up. She has recently attended an advanced makeup class for HD TV, High Fashion Photography, and Bridal Makeup, instructed by a sought out Hollywood  makeup artist in L.A., Miss Autumn Scruggs…….who works on sets such as the Oscars, Grammies, &TV sitcoms!
Linda says, “Don’t wear the makeup, let the makeup wear YOU!”
She also loves working in the theatre behind the scenes creating period hairstyles for local plays at the Flynn Theatre, for Lyric Theatre’s “Titanic”, “RENT”, and “Oliver!”, and “Oklahoma!” for Stowe Theatre Guild.
As a Goldwell Senior Educator of 7 years Linda trains newcomers to the field, and travels all over New England to teach and inspire stylists with Goldwell’s extensive Education Programs. She has worked side by side with the famous Goldwell North American Artistic Team assisting and learning from Guest Artists such as John Simpson, Robert Brown, Dimitrios Tsioumas, and Tiffany Conway.
Linda’s lifelong  journey working with hair since the big hair days of the 80’s, has always followed the new trends of each decade, earning her  great success in her hair creations, warm relationships with her wonderful clients, and inspiration to those who follow her both professionally and personally with her friendly personality. Take a ride with Linda and let her show you a new path to today’s modern looks, color, and style to fit your personality!

Ashley Gagne


In early 2007 the first day of my life began. I was ready, I knew it what who i was born to be. An artist, a visionary, a hairdresser. As the years have passed my skills have grown and so has my passion. With every person who I am Honored to have in my chair comes a new challenge, a new adventure.

Hairdressing is not my job, it's my lifestyle my passion, my calling.  Its the honor of making others feel beautiful.

From the time I was 13 working my first job at an elderly home I have always truly enjoyed taking care of people. From there it has just grown. As I started my hairdressing career in my junior year of high school through a vocational school in Centeral Vermont I was fortunate enough to graduate high school with my career. I worked at a salon in Montpelier for two years when I decided I needed more challenge and adventure, so I moved to the big city. Living and working in downtown burlington at the age of 21 was exciting to say the least. By 2012 I was a top stylist at my salon, in August of that year i was recruited by Jennifer Goslovich to work at Moon Studio Day Spa. There I made an instant beautiful connection with my  PierVana Girls. I had finally found a family that truly shared the same passion. With change always  comes growth, and I feel every step I have made has been in the right direction.

Jennifer Goslovich

One thing for sure... Jennifer is a very passionate artist. If it's creating a new hair style or enhancing your color, she is 100% + there for you, her Guest. Jennifer enjoyed an incredible 15 year career in NYC, with 5 of those commuting to VT. She worked under Master Stylist which enabled  her to  become one herself. After NYC, came 11 great years as a Co-owner of Moon Studio Day Spa in Shelburne VT. Jennifer  expanded her creativity in 2010 by making and selling Jewelry, now being sold in 7 locations. Currently Jennifer opened PierVana Hair-Spa-Jewels in South Burlington VT.  Allowing a one stop destination place for a combination of all her loves, her two children, Pierce (Pier) and Savana (Vana), make up the name PierVana. Her love of creating the perfect hair Style and Color combined with  Designing a unique piece of Jewelry for your every occasion is what keeps her going. Feeling  your best from head to toe, inside and out. Hair-Spa-Jewels. Jennifer is working side by side with an incredible team to make your experience at PierVana one of your very best Salon and Spa visits.

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